It's All About Me! Becoming a Conscious Eater

Turn it Around 2 day!

Welcome Home!

Welcome Home!

You have found the right place if you are looking to change your mind set as it relates to eating—unconsciously to consciously.

The purpose of this site is to give you an awareness of unconscious eating and point you to some resources that may be able to assist you in your journey.

I pray and hope that this website is the beginning for a new you—turning things around and becoming a conscious eater!

Take care and many blessings to you!


Sister Edna 



To help people of various faiths, beliefs and communities develop an awareness of conscious eating and be a beacon of good health both physically and spiritually.  


  • "If you find yourself out of control physically, mentally or spiritually; or you have made excuses about life situations; or perhaps you have known you were out of control but f..."
    V. Taylor
  • "It Feels Good to Feel Good!"

It's All About Me! Becoming a Conscious Eater

Many of us have found ourselves struggling with our eating habits. We eat late at night; we eat when we are stressed, bored, worried, anxious and happy; we eat standing up, on the phone, at the computer, in front of the TV, or while cooking, Then we wonder why so many of us have chronic illnesses. Many chronic illnesses and diseases are preventable. However, before we can prevent them we must first realize that there is a problem. Acknowledge your unconscious eating habits and Become a Conscious Eater!

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It's All About Me!

Becoming a Conscious Eater